[cfe-dev] Problem building Clang in Eclipse

Edward Meewis ed at extraordinarymachine.nl
Sun Oct 9 14:48:43 PDT 2011

On 08-10-11 21:11, Rahul Purandare wrote:
> Eclipse builds the project (llvm) successfully as I receive no 
> compilation or link errors and I see executables including "clang" in 
> directory bin under build. However, when I open any source file, such 
> as CFG.cpp, Eclipse shows numerous compilation errors related to 
> unresolved symbols. I am wondering if I have missed something in the 
> steps. Could you please help me?

I see the same thing in the Windows version of Eclipse-CDT. I think this 
is because LLVM+clang relies heavily on TableGen generated files, which 
include #defines that the Eclipse just doesn't understand. Maybe setting 
the appropiate include dirs may solve some of them.

It would be awesome to hook up clang-index with eclipse but that's way 
beyond my capabilities.

-- Ed.

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