[cfe-dev] ccc-gcc-name equivalent to call as and ld directly

Damjan Marion damjan.marion at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 07:05:51 PDT 2011


There is ccc-gcc-name clang parameter which allows specifying custom gcc to be used for assembling and linking. This is quite useful when cross-compiling for different architecture.

Problem is that this works only when 2 2-part triple is specified (i.e. -ccc-host-triple arm-elf ). In my case i need to cross-compile for different OS so I need to specify something like -ccc-host-triple arm-unknown-freebsd (compiling on Mac OSX) and in this case gcc is not invoked. Clang calls default AS and LD directly and that of-course fails.

I wonder about possibility to introduce similar cmd line parameters (i.e. -ccc-gas-name and -ccc-ld-name ) to specify cross-assembler and cross-linker directly.

This will also avoid need for having gcc in toolchain.

Any thoughts?



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