[cfe-dev] XML AST compile

Ruch Grégory gregory.ruch at heig-vd.ch
Wed Feb 23 05:26:09 PST 2011

Hi !

I'm working on a tool to make some AST transformation for C. After transformation I want to compile the modified AST. Clang can print the AST in XML but the question is, can we build the program from the XML file ?

I chose this method because the development of Clang is very fast and we need a sustainable solution. I have try to build some tools that date of December 2010. Nothing works with the last version of Clang. Also tutorial are out of date.

Another question is about the XML change of format of the file. Is it fixe or not ?

I'm new in this field and if someone have some recommendation or suggestion ... I thank you !

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