[cfe-dev] Source code cross reference tool based on libclang

Alek Paunov alex at declera.com
Mon Feb 14 13:00:45 PST 2011

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In the long term, I really believe that we can achieve great results 
once we manage to store the Clang's internal representations to a 
powerful DB engine with appropriate query language (as I mentioned 
before, XQuery seems the best candidate for me [*]).

But until then, let's utilize the current Synopsis/SXR: Have you tried 
to apply your fresh Clang based version on the LLVM trunk itself?. If 
you give me some instructions, I also can start public Synopsis/SXR 
service for the Clang/LLVM codebase, as a test bench.

Kind Regards,

[*] Because of its natural namespaced tree with attributes model and 
existing well optimized open source implementations. Over time, various 
query components (functions in XQuery) on top of the LLVM 
representations can be accumulated as reusable XQuery modules.

P.S. It is a specific query language, but only as illustration of the 
(unfortunately it is closed source, implemented as compiler to SQL)

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