[cfe-dev] Using STL for clang on Windows

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at pathscale.com
Mon Feb 14 00:47:26 PST 2011

nullnull wrote:
> For my research and experimentations (a sort of profiling and code 
> analyses), I'm trying to use clang/llvm on the already existing 
> programs. Some of the programs use STL and can compiled by Visual 
> Studio 2010 (also have corresponding makefiles).
> I've simply changed cl.exe to clang.exe. Mostly it's working greatly! 
> However, MSVC's STL can't be compiled (it's known issue though). So, 
> I've simply tried to change to STLPort. However, it still no good. 
> Please note that I didn't fully invest my time to use STLPort with clang.
> Is there currently any workarounds for using STL in Windows platform?
> Thank you for your great work, and wish to see more improvement on 
> Windows platform.
stdcxx does, but there's possibly some unmerged patches for a few bugs 
on Win  (ping me off list if you hit problems or need help)

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