[cfe-dev] Can no longer build Clang with MSVC

Sebastian Redl sebastian.redl at getdesigned.at
Wed Jun 24 11:44:12 PDT 2009

AlisdairM(public) wrote:
> Something has changed in the Clang project in the last 48 hours that means I can no longer build clangFrontEnd, using MSVC Express 2008.
> The problem is in the move semantics of ownership.h, and looks like a Visual C++ bug that a class template cannot access members of its own type in its constructor.  I have tried following the note in the comments to enable /Za but that doesn't seem to be helping.
> The really odd thing is that it does not look like this file has been updated for a while, so why it suddenly fails for me now I have no idea.
> Any hints that might get me started again appreciated.
I have no idea, but I'll take a look at it tomorrow evening. (That's
about 20 hours from now.)
> Also (unrelated) I have been waiting for >5 days now for a password to Bugzilla, and not received a response from mailing the support link on the sign-up page (other than to say its in an a moderator queue)  Is this normal?
No, Bugzilla passwords should be sent within the hour, actually. Anyone
should be able to get access to Bugzilla.


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