[cfe-dev] LLVM 2.6 release schedule

Eli Friedman eli.friedman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 13:35:15 PDT 2009

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 10:57 AM, Tanya Lattner<lattner at apple.com> wrote:
> Hello! I posted this to llvmdev, but because 2.6 will be the first
> release including Clang, I thought I should also announce it here.

At this point, it's probably worth discusssing what we actually want
to do for a release.

What's the version number?  Are we going to call it clang 2.6, clang
1.0, clang 0.9, or something else?  Are we going to call it a preview
release, or do we think it's stable?

What sort of release validation should we do?  At a minimum, I think
we want to make sure clang builds and "make test" passes on all the
platforms where we do release validation for LLVM.  PR4171 is blocking
this.  Beyond that, it would be nice if the C tests in llvm-test
passed on x86-32/64.  Anything else I'm missing?

We really need to make sure all of our documentation is in shape;
being the first LLVM release with clang, it's probably going to
attract a significant amount of attention.  The documentation is
mostly in reasonably good shape at the moment, but the users manual in
particular needs work.  Updated performance numbers would also be
nice; the numbers at http://clang.llvm.org/performance.html are pretty

Are there any particular features/bugfixes that we should try to make
sure are in the release?  From the perspective of "we don't want to
accept code that gcc accepts, but compile it wrong", PR2461, PR3679,
PR3811, PR3895, PR4098, and PR4386 are of interest.  We should also
try to figure out the issues with unreduced known miscompiles,
specifically PR3480 and PR3910.  PR4296 and at least parsing for
PR3429 would be nice because the errors are confusing.  (List of all
those bugs: http://llvm.org/bugs/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=2461%2C4010%2C3679%2C3811%2C3895%2C4098%2C4386%2C3480%2C3910%2C4296%2C3429


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