[cfe-dev] AST processing toolbox

Olaf Krzikalla Olaf.Krzikalla at tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 15 00:36:31 PDT 2009

Hi @all,

Ted Kremenek schrieb:
> In general, we would prefer to not suck in pieces of external  
> libraries unless they significantly add value to the development of  
> LLVM/Clang.  This is both for portability as well as maintainability.   
> FWIW, the discussion on adding pieces of Boost to LLVM/Clang has been  
> discussed before, and unless there is a compelling need to pull in a  
> specific piece of Boost it is something we won't do for the reasons  
> I've given.  This has nothing to do with Boost per se; it's really  
> about keeping the codebase simple and free of unneeded, extraneous  
> dependencies on other libraries.  Please keep in mind that we've  
> managed to build an entire working compiler without these libraries
after beeing back from weekend it looks like I have stirred up a 
hornet's nest. As Alisdair already pointed out I don't depend on boost 
anymore. In turn I now depend on std::tr1 and the fancy features of 
std::tr1::function. And after a quick view through my code I came to the 
conclusion that I don't want to miss these features. However you should 
note that only my AST processing depends on tr1. No tr1 dependency is 
injected in existing modules. That said I don't like the argument about 
the usage of 'insane' C++ constructs only. Whether std::tr1::function is 
still insane I don't want to justify. But IMHO everone working on AST 
processing should have a basic understanding of lambda calculus and all 
that stuff around.

Olaf Krzikalla

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