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>> Right.  Another option is to pull in and "llvm-ize" libraries that  
>> are
>> really useful.  For example, llvm/ADT/OwningPtr.h is a simple smart
>> pointer that is very similar to boost and other standard libraries.
> See my earlier reply <g>
> What would be most useful here is some small developer document  
> pointing
> out facilities are available through LLVM that we might find familiar.
> Smart pointers, containers, other basic utilities, etc.

Agreed, throughout LLVM/Clang the documentation can be greatly  
improved.  We encourage everyone to submit patches for documentation  
where they feel it is lacking.

> I have no problems with this approach, TR1 merely gives us some  
> valuable
> and reasonably well understood APIs.  Nothing against providing self
> hosted implementations if that is what is needed, at least for the
> simpler components.  I don't particularly fancy writing a pre-variadic
> template version of tr1::function myself ;¬)

Sounds good.
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