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Revised the documentation according to @NoQ's comments. By literally copy pasting it. Like any good programmer should do :^)

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Index: clang/docs/analyzer/checkers.rst
--- clang/docs/analyzer/checkers.rst
+++ clang/docs/analyzer/checkers.rst
@@ -242,10 +242,38 @@
 .. _cplusplus-InnerPointer:
+cplusplus.InnerPointer (C++)
 Check for inner pointers of C++ containers used after re/deallocation.
+Many container methods in the C++ standard library are known to invalidate
+"references" (including actual references, iterators and raw pointers) to
+elements of the container. Using such references after they are invalidated
+causes undefined behavior, which is a common source of memory errors in C++ that
+this checker is capable of finding.
+The checker is currently limited to ``std::string`` objects and doesn't
+recognize some of the more sophisticated approaches to passing unowned pointers
+around, such as ``std::string_view``.
+.. code-block:: cpp
+ void consume(const char *);
+ void _deref_after_equals() {
+   std::string s = "llvm";
+   const char *c = s.data(); // note: pointer to inner buffer of 'std::string' obtained here
+   s = "clang"; // note: inner buffer of 'std::string' reallocated by call to 'operator='
+   consume(c); // warn: inner pointer of container used after re/deallocation
+ }
+ const char *return_temp() {
+   int x;
+   return std::to_string(x).c_str(); // warn: inner pointer of container used after re/deallocation
+   // note: pointer to inner buffer of 'std::string' obtained here
+   // note: inner buffer of 'std::string' deallocated by call to destructor
+ }
 .. _cplusplus-NewDelete:
 cplusplus.NewDelete (C++)

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