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Following our discussion on the cfe dev list
(http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/cfe-dev/2019-August/063054.html), I have added
a paragraph that is explicit about transformation options implying
the corresponding transformation.



Index: docs/LanguageExtensions.rst
--- docs/LanguageExtensions.rst
+++ docs/LanguageExtensions.rst
@@ -3065,6 +3065,14 @@
 distribution. Loop hints can be specified before any loop and will be ignored if
 the optimization is not safe to apply.
+There are loop hints that control transformations (e.g. vectorization, loop
+unrolling) and there loop hints that set transformation options (e.g.
+``vectorize_width``, ``unroll_count``).  Pragmas setting transformation options
+imply the transformation is enabled, as if it was enabled via the corresponding
+transformation pragma (e.g. ``vectorize(enable)``). If the transformation is
+disabled  (e.g. ``vectorize(disable)``), that takes precedence over
+transformations option pragmas implying that transformation.
 Vectorization, Interleaving, and Predication

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