[PATCH] D64838: [Attr] Support _attribute__ ((fallthrough))

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Thu Jul 18 11:37:38 PDT 2019

Nathan-Huckleberry added a comment.

In D64838#1592111 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D64838#1592111>, @aaron.ballman wrote:

> In D64838#1589770 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D64838#1589770>, @Nathan-Huckleberry wrote:
> > The main problem that we have is that the `__attribute__` token always causes the parser to read the line as a declaration. Then the declaration parser handles reading the attributes list.
> >
> > This case demonstrates the problem:
> >
> >   void foo() {
> >     __attribute__((address_space(0))) *x;
> >   }
> >
> >
> > If the attribute token is read beforehand this code just becomes `*x` and is parsed as a dereference of an undefined variable when it should actually be a declaration.
> >
> > Maybe the best solution is to pull the attributes parsing out to `ParseStatementOrDeclaration` then pass those attributes through to following functions. 
> >  When the determination is made whether a line is a declaration or a statement the attributes list can be looked at to determine if the attributes are statement or declaration attributes and continue accordingly. Maybe throwing a warning if mixing of declaration and statement attributes occur.
> >
> > Does that sound like a good solution?
> Please see the discussion in https://reviews.llvm.org/D63299#inline-564887 -- if I understand your approach properly, this approach leads to spooky action at a distance, where the name of the attribute dictates whether something is a statement or a declaration. I'm not comfortable with that. There's no reason we could not have an attribute that is both a statement attribute and a declaration attribute, and how would *that* parse?
> I think this requires some deeper surgery in the parsing logic so that attributes do not impact whether something is treated as a declaration or a statement. The parser should parse attributes first, keep them around for a while, and attach them to either the decl or the statement at a later point.

Any idea how to fix the problem in the code sample I gave? The addition of the attributes token causes code to be read as a declaration and without the token it is read as a unary operator.

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