[PATCH] D62367: [X86] VP2INTERSECT clang

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Mon May 27 22:40:14 PDT 2019

xiangzhangllvm marked an inline comment as done.
xiangzhangllvm added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/Headers/avx512vlvp2intersectintrin.h:39
+static __inline__ void __DEFAULT_FN_ATTRS256
+_mm256_2intersect_epi32(__m256i __a, __m256i __b, __mmask8 *__m0, __mmask8 *__m1) {
craig.topper wrote:
> Can you add doxygen comments for the new intrinsics? @RKSimon has been asking for it on other reviews. I forgot to say something in our internal review.
OK! But I really find many ntrinsicxxx.h have no doxygen comments, Is it like this format: ?

/// Rounds up each element of the 128-bit vector of [4 x float] to an
///    integer and returns the rounded values in a 128-bit vector of
///    [4 x float].
/// \headerfile <x86intrin.h>
/// \code
/// __m128 _mm_ceil_ps(__m128 X);
/// \endcode
/// This intrinsic corresponds to the <c> VROUNDPS / ROUNDPS </c> instruction.
/// \param X
///    A 128-bit vector of [4 x float] values to be rounded up.
/// \returns A 128-bit vector of [4 x float] containing the rounded values.
#define _mm_ceil_ps(X)       _mm_round_ps((X), _MM_FROUND_CEIL)

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