[PATCH] D60974: Clang IFSO driver action.

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Mon Apr 22 15:13:46 PDT 2019

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In D60974#1474591 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D60974#1474591>, @jakehehrlich wrote:

> Can you elaborate on the use case for this? Like can you explain end to end how this would be used?

There are a few that I have in mind.

1. -emit-ifso could be added to a build to produce .so files as part of a device SDK (where we don't want to ship the runnable bits in the SDK, we ship those on the device updates).
2. -emit-ifso could be added to whatever the existing set of build flags are to be run as a pre-build step to produce tapi-like .so files that break up build dependencies.
3. -emit-ifso -fvisibility=hidden could added to the invocation to disallow usage of non-public apis.

The way we are thinking it would work is similar to the dwos and .o files where you get one .ifso for each TU, then have a link-action that merges the mangled names and produces the .so file.

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