[PATCH] D60697: [ARM] Allow "-march=foo+fp" to vary with foo.

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Tue Apr 16 02:56:40 PDT 2019

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The aim of this change is that it will apply to the v8.1-M (mainline) architecture introduced in D60698 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D60698>, in which `+fp` //won't// be the default: `-march=armv8.1m.main` by itself gives you the base 8.1-M architecture without any FP, `-march=armv8.1m.main+fp` gives you the optional single-precision FP extension on top of that, and `+fp.dp` gives you double precision as well.

Comment at: llvm/lib/Support/ARMTargetParser.cpp:476
-StringRef ARM::getArchExtFeature(StringRef ArchExt) {
-  if (ArchExt.startswith("no")) {
-    StringRef ArchExtBase(ArchExt.substr(2));
-    for (const auto AE : ARCHExtNames) {
-      if (AE.NegFeature && ArchExtBase == AE.getName())
-        return StringRef(AE.NegFeature);
-    }
+static bool wasNegated(StringRef &Name) {
+  if (Name.startswith("no")) {
t.p.northover wrote:
> I think `isNegated` is probably more in line with existing naming.
Hmmm. I thought that would be a confusing name because it hides the fact that the function strips off the `no` prefix. (The use of 'was' was intended to hint that by the time the function returns, it's not true any more!)

Perhaps `stripNegationPrefix` (returning bool to indicate success)?

Comment at: llvm/lib/Support/ARMTargetParser.cpp:504-507
+  if (ArchExt == "fp" || ArchExt == "fp.dp") {
+    unsigned FPUKind;
+    if (Negated) {
+      FPUKind = ARM::FK_NONE;
t.p.northover wrote:
> Doesn't this mean `+nofp.dp` disables all floats? That seems surprising behaviour to me, but I can't find any existing tests covering it.
Hmmm, that's a good point. What //would// a user expect in that situation? If double-precision FP was the default for that architecture and a single-precision version existed, then perhaps `nofp.dp` should fall back to that, but what if it's double or nothing?

Comment at: llvm/lib/Support/ARMTargetParser.cpp:516-517
+        const FPUName &DefaultFPU = FPUNames[FPUKind];
+        if (DefaultFPU.Restriction != FPURestriction::SP_D16)
+          return false;                // meaningless for this arch
t.p.northover wrote:
> Doesn't this silently disable the FPU entirely if we decide "fp.dp" is useless? That seems unlikely to be what a user wants, especially without a diagnostic.
> Could you also expand on the comment a bit more. I had to look up exactly what FPURestrictions existed to get this, and I'm not even 100% sure I'm right now.
I don't think it //silently// disables it, does it? Returning false from this function is a failure indication that ends up back in `checkARMArchName` in `clang/lib/Driver/ToolChains/Arch/ARM.cpp`, which will generate a diagnostic. For example, if I try `-march=armv6m+fp.dp` then I see
error: the clang compiler does not support '-march=armv6m+fp.dp'

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