[PATCH] D57858: [analyzer] Add a new frontend flag to display all checker options

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Sun Mar 17 20:07:00 PDT 2019

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I'm pretty worried about exposing this flag to end users.

- Almost none of the options you've listed are user facing. Many represent options intended for use by static analyzer developers: debugging options, feature flags, and checkers that were never finished. Others represent mechanisms for build systems to control the behavior of the analyzer. Even these are not meant for end users to interact with but rather for implementers of build systems and IDEs. I don't think end users should have to understand these options to use the analyzer.
- The help text refers to analyzer implementation details (such as "SymRegion") that users won't have the context or knowledge to understand.
- The help text also recommends invoking -cc1 directly or through the driver with -Xclang. Neither of these are supported end-user interfaces to the analyzer. Instead, users should use scan-build or another tool (such as CodeChecker) that was designed to be used by humans.



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