[PATCH] D40988: Clang-format: add finer-grained options for putting all arguments on one line

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Fri Mar 15 02:40:48 PDT 2019

MyDeveloperDay added a comment.

> nobody being able to make changes

Nobody IS able to make changes, but not because of complexity!

We discourage away potential contributors/maintainers by leaving their reviews for weeks/months/years, not just not letting them in, not even discussing them..

Most reviews are met with a sharp intake of breath, and a general comment about "how its a pretty big bar we have here and how complex it is and perhaps you shouldn't come in", rather than seeing it as a positive move forward in the right direction and a chance to bring someone on as a new contributor.

But we can't do anything to improve the complexity of the code if the changes to refactor code to be less complex is going to sit un-reviewed.

But I'm super glad that me giving an Accept and LGTM  after 6 months is catching peoples attention... job done.



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