[PATCH] D59309: [clang-format] BreakAfterReturnType ignored on functions with numeric template parameters

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Thu Mar 14 05:07:41 PDT 2019

MyDeveloperDay added a comment.

In D59309#1428970 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D59309#1428970>, @klimek wrote:

> In D59309#1428969 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D59309#1428969>, @MyDeveloperDay wrote:
> > That works because the argument list is just tok::identifier and TT_StartOfName
> Should we fix isStartOfName then?
> In A<bool> or A<8> A should be TT_StartOfName, too, right?

Maybe that is a better way, let me look..

I've realized that defining a function Test which returns a class, and has an unnamed class parameter in its definition

  B Test(A);

is indistinguishable from a variable declaration Test of type B which passes a variable A into its constructor, without knowing that A is a class and not a variable, there isn't enough information to say this is a function or not

  B Test(A);

Which is why we should always name our parameters in function declarations ;-)



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