[PATCH] D56571: [RFC prototype] Implementation of asm-goto support in clang

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Thu Feb 7 09:25:32 PST 2019

jyu2 marked an inline comment as done.
jyu2 added inline comments.

Comment at: lib/AST/Stmt.cpp:628
+          DiagOffs = CurPtr-StrStart-1;
+          return diag::err_asm_invalid_operand_for_goto_labels;
+        }
rsmith wrote:
> jyu2 wrote:
> > rsmith wrote:
> > > I'm curious why we're checking this here, when all the other validation for the modifier letter happens in LLVM. Does this check need to be done differently from the others?
> > This is to verify following in spec:
> > =====
> > To reference a label in the assembler template, prefix it with ‘%l’ (lowercase ‘L’) followed by its (zero-based) position in GotoLabels plus the number of input operands. For example, if the asm has three inputs and references two labels, refer to the first label as ‘%l3’ and the second as ‘%l4’).
> > 
> > Was request from Eli.
> Sorry, I think my question was unclear. I understand why you need to do this check somewhere. My question is why this check needs to be *here*, given that all the other checks for the modifier letter are performed elsewhere. Splitting the checks up between multiple locations makes the system harder to maintain.
> As it happens, there's a FIXME for this here: http://llvm.org/doxygen/AsmPrinterInlineAsm_8cpp_source.html#l00436 -- and a test case like `void f(void *a) { asm("mov %l0, %%eax" :: "r"(a)); }` currently causes LLVM to assert in a function that's supposed to be validating these modifier letters and producing a clean error if they're bad. So I think that's an LLVM bug, and fixing that LLVM bug would enforce the property we need here (that `%lN` only names labels).
> [It's not clear to me whether we should be enforcing that `%lN` only names label //operands//, which would require the check to be in Clang rather than LLVM; GCC doesn't do that, and for instance accepts
> ```
> void f() { asm goto("jmp %l0" :: "i"(&&foo)::foo); foo:; }
> ```
> (at least for x86_64), though this construct doesn't seem hugely useful given that the input operand would need to be a literal address-of-label expression and you'd need to name the target label as a label operand anyway.]
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the detail explanation. 
I agree with you.  Our compiler FE don't emit error for this also.

I'd happy to remove this, If we all agree.  

Hi Eli, 
what do you think?




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