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On 30/12/2016 23:12, Richard Smith wrote:
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>     Author: rksimon
>     Date: Fri Dec 30 16:55:33 2016
>     New Revision: 290773
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>     <http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=290773&view=rev>
>     Log:
>     Wdocumentation fix
> Thanks, but please be careful you don't introduce trailing whitespace 
> changes to unrelated code in the future.
Sorry about that - I'm working on my alt laptop for the holidays and 
didn't have the same whitespace diff settings for tortoisesvn - 
shouldn't happpen again.
> Also perhaps we should turn this warning on by default for regular 
> selfhosted builds so we don't need to wait for a buildbot to find 
> issues like this?
The buildbots are there for us to unearth these kind of things, 
otherwise (in extremis) you'd be asking everyone to test on a much 
broader range of compile tools than they perhaps have access to.

IMO the problem is that these mundane warnings tend to stay unnoticed in 
build logs, where people don't go unless the build goes red - I would be 
interested in hearing people's thoughts on either enabling Werror by 
default in CMake gen and/or enabling Werror on a wider range of 
buildbots (gcc/clang/msvc)?
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