r274084 - Revert "[PS4] Tighten up a test (noticed in passing)"

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Thu Jun 30 17:30:22 PDT 2016

Okay, that is peculiar.  But I can repro it.  If I put either orbis-ld or orbis-ld.exe co-located with clang.exe, it builds a command line without the .exe suffix (but using the directory where clang.exe lives).

I do think a bug report would have been appropriate, rather than just munging the test…
As it is (with your mods) the test is not checking what we want it to check.  I'll write an internal bug for this.

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> Subject: r274084 - Revert "[PS4] Tighten up a test (noticed in passing)"
> Author: silvas
> Date: Tue Jun 28 19:29:23 2016
> New Revision: 274084
> URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project?rev=274084&view=rev
> Log:
> Revert "[PS4] Tighten up a test (noticed in passing)"
> This reverts commit r269709.
> r262285 changed this deliberately so that the test would not be
> sensitive to which binaries are in the same directory as clang.
> See the commit message of that commit for more background.

Okay, but the point of the test is to match a "file.exe" instead
of just "file". See commentary at the top of the test.
Also "orbis-ld" is a prefix of "orbis-ld.gold" and so matching
just the former doesn't verify we're looking for the right one.

I understand taking out the path part of the check in r262285 but
if you named your test linker "orbis-ld.exe" instead of "orbis-ld"
then the test would pass with r269709, right?

Unfortunately not.

-- Sean Silva

  If that's all this
is about, please undo this revert and use the standard Windows
file extension for your test linkers.

> Modified:
>     cfe/trunk/test/Driver/ps4-linker-win.c
> Modified: cfe/trunk/test/Driver/ps4-linker-win.c
> URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/cfe/trunk/test/Driver/ps4-linker-
> win.c?rev=274084&r1=274083&r2=274084&view=diff
> ==========================================================================
> ====
> --- cfe/trunk/test/Driver/ps4-linker-win.c (original)
> +++ cfe/trunk/test/Driver/ps4-linker-win.c Tue Jun 28 19:29:23 2016
> @@ -22,5 +22,5 @@
>  // RUN: env "PATH=%T;%PATH%;" %clang -target x86_64-scei-ps4  %s -shared
> \
>  // RUN:     -fuse-ld=ps4 -### 2>&1 | FileCheck --check-prefix=CHECK-PS4-
> -// CHECK-PS4-GOLD: \\orbis-ld.gold.exe<file:///\\orbis-ld.gold.exe>"
> -// CHECK-PS4-LINKER: \\orbis-ld.exe<file:///\\orbis-ld.exe>"
> +// CHECK-PS4-GOLD: \\orbis-ld.gold<file:///\\orbis-ld.gold>
> +// CHECK-PS4-LINKER: \\orbis-ld<file:///\\orbis-ld>
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