[PATCH] D16040: [OpenCL] Refine OpenCLImageAccessAttr to OpenCLAccessAttr

Aaron Ballman via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Feb 23 07:28:05 PST 2016

aaron.ballman added a comment.

Mostly minor comments, but I like this approach!

Comment at: include/clang/Basic/DiagnosticSemaKinds.td:7713
@@ +7712,3 @@
+def err_opencl_invalid_read_write : Error<
+  "access qualifier read_write can not be used for %0 %select{|earlier than OpenCL2.0 version}1">;
+def err_opencl_multiple_access_qualifiers : Error<
Anastasia wrote:
> could you write __read_write/read_write please!
Better yet, use the spelling the user wrote, since you have access to that information already.

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaType.cpp:6228
@@ -6227,1 +6227,3 @@
+/// Handle OpenCL Access Qualifier Attribute
+static void HandleOpenCLAccessAttr(QualType &CurType, const AttributeList &Attr,
Missing a period at the end of the sentence.

Comment at: lib/Sema/SemaType.cpp:6231
@@ +6230,3 @@
+                                   Sema &S) {
+  // OpenCL v2.0 s6.6 - Access qualifier can used only for image and pipe type
+  if (!(CurType->isImageType() || CurType->isPipeType())) {
Missing a period at the end of the sentence.


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