[PATCH] D15999: Adding doxygen comments to the LLVM intrinsics (part 2, _wmmintrin_pclmul.h)

Katya Romanova via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 25 17:35:06 PST 2016

kromanova added a reviewer: craig.topper.
kromanova added a comment.

I have a lot of intrinsic header files with doxygen documentation that I will be submitting in the near future.

We have been reviewing this internally at SCE to make sure the patch it in the best shape before submitting and make the reviews easier.  Every patch has been already reviewed by at least three people (me, one of SCE's compiler developer and SCE's technical writer). So, hopefully the quality should be pretty good.

Still, there are a lot of intrinsics (~800) to review and I don’t want to put the burden on only 1-2 open source reviewers.

Who else (except people on the 'reviewers' and 'subscribers' list) will be a good reviewer for X86 intrinsics?
Are there any intrinsics experts from MS, Intel, AMD, Apple on the mailing list who might be willing to help out?”



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