[PATCH] D16041: Change vfs::FileSystem to be managed with std::shared_ptr

Owen Anderson via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 11 11:08:19 PST 2016

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> Managing it with IntrusiveRefCntPtr caused the virtual destructor not to be called properly.
> Regardless of the broader discussion on this patch, I'm confused by why this ^ would be the case. What is it that IntrusiveRefCntPtr is doing that's causing problems with destruction? (& I'm all for changing this to non-intrusive smart pointers over intrusive ones anyway, but I'd still like to understand the extra motivation here)

ThreadSafeRefCountedBase, which classes must inherit from in order to use IntrusiveRefCntPtr, does not handle virtual destructors properly.  For the non-thread safe version, there is RefCountBaseVPTR which solves this problem.  An alternative solution would have been to add a corresponding ThreadSafeRefCountedBaseVPTR, but IMO at that point one might as well use shared_ptr since it’s 90% of the way there.


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