[PATCH] D10305: [Clang Static Analyzer] Bug identification

Honggyu Kim via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 10 07:00:22 PDT 2015

honggyu.kim added a comment.

Hi Babati,

I'm sorry for the late appreciation response. I can see the Bug ID in HTML.
I have also tested CmpRuns.py and it works also fine as Anna explained.
CmpRuns.py works great with plist files, but I personally want to compare two reports with HTML results without plist as well.

So my use case prefers to have a uniq hash number in each HTML report.
And I was thinking to modify the bug report name from "report-77e15b.html" to "report-<BugID>.html" so that we can easily compare two reports. It can just check whether the same name files exist or not.  If we need post processing to generate uniq ID by extracting file name, comparison would be a little bit more complicated.

As far as I observed by using CmpRuns.py, it can greatly compare two reports with plist, but I don't know how I can pick the HTML reports that are matched with CmpRuns.py's result.
For example, even if CmpRuns.py shows there are 3 different bug reports of out 10 bugs, it's not easy to open the 3 different HTML bug reports in browser. It just shows the number of different bugs and those bug type descriptions.

I hope anyone can correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstand some points.


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