[PATCH] D10305: [Clang Static Analyzer] Bug identification

Babati Bence via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 10 00:28:42 PDT 2015

babati added a comment.

We wanted to include the filename without path in the hash. This would allow us to compare two runs of the same project (located in different directories) purely based on the hashes.
This gives good enough results when comparing different versions of the same project, or storing bug suppression for a single project.
(Limitation: You would not be able to detect a new bug if it appaers in a new file with same name and same content as an existing one. (for example a copied main.c) But we think this is a rare case.)

If the filename is not part of the hash, then the comparison script can get somewhat slower, as you need to compare also the extra file field. But this is acceptable.

So finally, I agree that leaving out the filename from the hash allows for greater flexibility at post processing.

Do you think we need any other improvements to this patch?


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