Re: [PATCH] Implement aarch64 neon instructio​n class SIMD Perm - Clang

Tim Northover t.p.northover at
Tue Nov 5 16:55:59 PST 2013

  Hi Jiangning,

  I've got one question (well, stated as a comment) about this Clang stuff.



Comment at: lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp:2374-2375
@@ -2373,1 +2373,4 @@
   // in aarch64-neon-intrinsics.c so far.
+  case AArch64::BI__builtin_neon_vuzp_v:
+    return EmitARMBuiltinExpr(ARM::BI__builtin_neon_vuzp_v, E);
+  case AArch64::BI__builtin_neon_vuzpq_v:
If I'm reading correctly these cases (the legacy ARM zip/uzp/trn intrinsics) are neither tested in this patch nor implemented on the LLVM side.

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