[PATCH] Fix source location info for C++03 access declarations.

Enea Zaffanella zaffanella at cs.unipr.it
Fri Jul 12 07:22:11 PDT 2013

Please find attached a patch (with testcases) that fixes the source 
location info for C++03 access declarations.

While at it, some other improvements in code have been applied, such as:

in a few helper methods of Sema.h:
   * renamed isTypeName as HasTypenameKeyword;

in UsingDecl (and UnresolvedUsingValueDecl, if appropriate):
  * renamed is/setTypeName as has/setTypename
  * renamed get/setUsingLocation to get/setUsingLoc
  * added helper isAccessDeclaration()
  * fixed getSourceRange
  * fixed pretty printing

in UnresolvedUsingTypenameDecl:
  * set field UsingLocation in ctor, use it in getUsingLoc
    and when (de-)serializing node.

OK to commit?

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