[clang-tools-extra] r183417 - cpp11-migrate: Docs refresh

Sean Silva silvas at purdue.edu
Thu Jun 6 09:45:37 PDT 2013

Sorry I didn't get to this while it was still in Phabricator. In the
future, please split up logically separate changes into separate patches
(this applies even for documentation).

+If you find a bug
+.. raw:: html
+  <input type="button" id="logbug" value="Log a Bug!" />
+  <script type="text/javascript" src="
+  <script type="text/javascript">window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS =  {
+    "triggerFunction": function(showCollectorDialog) {
+      //Requries that jQuery is available!
+      jQuery("#logbug").click(function(e) {
+        e.preventDefault();
+        showCollectorDialog();
+      });
+    }};
+  </script>

Could you just link to a "file a new bug" form instead of spewing this raw
markup and modal dialog into the page?

Just curious, but why do you guys have a separate bug tracker for


Please stick to the standard adornments as laid out in

Tiny nit:

+In addition to the compiler arguments you usually build your code with,
you must
+provide the option for enabling C++11 features. For clang and versions of
+≥ v4.8 this is ``-std=c++11``.

There seems to be some non-ASCII before "v4.8".

-- Sean Silva
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