PR15802 Windows paths with trailing backslashes

Serge Pavlov sepavloff at
Mon Apr 22 20:12:04 PDT 2013

What about converting all backslashes into '/' ? Driver already uses
it in many cases on Windows, a forward slash cannot be used in Windows
path, and it doesn't require escaping. Looks like a solution?

2013/4/23 Nikola Smiljanic <popizdeh at>:
> Here's a patch that tries to solve
> The bug report contains a patch
> that doesn't conform to coding standards and doesn't solve the general
> issue. Basically backslashes must be escaped if they are followed by a
> double quote, or in our case if they appear at the end of the argument
> because clang puts quotes around every argument containing a backslash which
> creates the backslashes followed by a double quote situation. The solution
> is quadratic in nature but I don't think this makes a difference as such
> input isn't something we should be seeing. I tried to solve this with as
> little modifications to the existing code as possible.
> More info on the crazy rules here
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