[cfe-commits] [PATCH] Warn if -isysroot is given an invalid path

Eric Christopher echristo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 10:41:05 PST 2012

Sure, but I just don't see that providing much value.  The point of adding
> a warning was to help catch things like typos in the sysroot path.  What
> are the chances that someone is going to mis-type the sysroot and also
> specify -Wmissing-sysroot?  I'm assuming that typos are most likely to come
> up when someone is running the compiler by hand, rather than from a
> makefile.  I suppose that it could still help when a makefile specifies an
> SDK that is not currently installed.  I'm just not convinced that's worth
> the effort of adding and maintaining a new warning, but I'm open to being
> convinced.

My only concerns are false positives in fairly standard use cases. I think
the warning could be useful when debugging problems and if you know you
aren't in the use cases that might give a false positive you can turn it on
by default (perhaps with a new umbrella?) but false positives are bad for
everyone :)

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