[Release-testers] 13.0.0-rc1 has been tagged

Hans Wennborg via Release-testers release-testers at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 4 07:51:34 PDT 2021

Windows is ready:

$ sha256sum LLVM-13.0.0-rc1-win*.exe

Built with the attached batch file.

There were some test failures in the 32-bit build. I won't have time to dig
into that before going on vacation, and I'm not sure how much it matters.
The 32-bit Windows build is not tested regularly, so I'm thinking maybe we
should stop shipping it.

check-llvm failures:
  LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/load-object-a.ll
  LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/RuntimeDyld/X86/coff-alignment.ll

check-clang failures:
  Clang :: Interpreter/execute.cpp

check-clang-tools failures:
  Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/checkers/modernize-use-nullptr-basic.cpp
  Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/checkers/modernize-use-nullptr-cxx20.cpp
  Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/checkers/modernize-use-nullptr.cpp
  Clang Tools ::
  Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/infrastructure/clang-tidy-run-with-database.cpp
  Clang Tools :: clang-tidy/infrastructure/read_file_config.cpp

On Tue, Aug 3, 2021 at 9:20 AM Tom Stellard via Release-testers <
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> Hi,
> I've tagged the 13.0.0-rc1 release.  Testers, please test and upload
> binaries.
> -Tom
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