[Release-testers] Fw: 6.0.1-rc1 has been tagged

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Wed May 2 15:12:45 PDT 2018

Forwarding to release-testers, I missed that my email client had stripped off the sender for reply-to-all.

Apologies for the noise.

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Hi Tom,

MIPS looks ok here.

Binaries uploaded:
SHA256(clang+llvm-6.0.1-rc1-mipsel-linux-gnu.tar.xz)= 9059cc56630649cb07826aa50485c7698c641663ec257bec688765afdab1dac5
SHA256(clang+llvm-6.0.1-rc1-mips-linux-gnu.tar.xz)= 21feb3f5f6d5aa80639711b4d92dc1f5ed1ba99e6aaefbe0deeed220797a9447
SHA256(clang+llvm-6.0.1-rc1-x86_64-linux-gnu-debian8.tar.xz)= bf72feb64397b775e25caf24e948db209a6995bb9cae931ee887a839e7d4c88a

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Subject: [Release-testers] 6.0.1-rc1 has been tagged


I've just tagged the 6.0.1-rc1 release.  Testers may begin testing and uploading
binaries.  Also, any tester who has not tested 5.0.2-rc1 and would like to do
so please try to do this before Friday, because I would like to tag 5.0.2-final then.

As a reminder to users and developers, May 18 is the deadline for submitting
merge requests for 6.0.1, so there is still time to get bug fixes in.

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