[Release-testers] [7.0.0 Release] rc2 has been tagged

Sylvestre Ledru via Release-testers release-testers at lists.llvm.org
Tue Aug 28 10:36:52 PDT 2018


Le 23/08/2018 à 01:59, Hans Wennborg via Release-testers a écrit :
> Dear testers,
> 7.0.0-rc2 was just tagged (from branch revision r340437).
> There have been a bunch of merges since rc1, and hopefully many of the
> issues with the previous candidate are fixed in this one.
> Please run the test script, share the results, and upload binaries.
> I will publish source tarballs, docs, and binaries on the web page
> once they're ready.

Sorry for the latency.
It took sometime for the ftpmasters in Debian to accept the package and to adjust
the CI for https://apt.llvm.org/.
Now, all Debian & Ubuntu supported version have the 7 branch available:

We have now the package in the archive. Works fine on i386 and amd64.
Needs more time to investigate build results for the other archs:
We made some improvements to the llvm-toolchain packages in Debian & Ubuntu
blog post coming.

Besides that, for LLVM on Debian amd64:

  Expected Passes    : 26034
  Expected Failures  : 147
  Unsupported Tests  : 810

For clang:

  Expected Passes    : 12855
  Expected Failures  : 19
  Unsupported Tests  : 79
  Unexpected Failures: 21
(I think the failures are my fault)

And the rest seems fine.


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