[Release-testers] 5.0.1-rc2 has been tagged

Michał Górny via Release-testers release-testers at lists.llvm.org
Thu Nov 30 11:42:21 PST 2017

W dniu śro, 29.11.2017 o godzinie 16∶19 -0800, użytkownik Tom Stellard
via Release-testers napisał:
> I've tagged the 5.0.1-rc2 release, go ahead and start testing and report
> your results.

I've run Gentoo tests on the current git release_50 branch, and found
two issues:

a. LLDB is still randomly completely broken on my x86 (32-bit) chroot.
This is not a regression, and I really have no clue what's wrong with
it. Fact is, I had the same problem on amd64 and it seems that it
miraculously started working while I've been trying to figure it out.

b. Four sanitizer tests fail on my x86 chroot:

Failing Tests (4):                                                   
    LeakSanitizer-AddressSanitizer-i386 ::
    LeakSanitizer-AddressSanitizer-i386 :: TestCases/stale_stack_leak.cc
    LeakSanitizer-Standalone-i386 :: TestCases/large_allocation_leak.cc
    LeakSanitizer-Standalone-i386 :: TestCases/stale_stack_leak.cc

Curious enough, the same tests work fine as part of amd64 build. I'm not
sure if it's a regression; it is possible that I've skipped x86
sanitizer tests previously assuming that they're tested as part of amd64
build anyway. I will try 5.0.0 for comparison shortly.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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