[Release-testers] Merging fix for PR26278

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Wed Feb 3 01:56:32 PST 2016


It looks like I just missed rc2 but these are now committed on trunk and have gone through the buildbots. Is it ok to merge them to the branch? Together they fix PR26278 and without them Phase 3's 'make check-all' fails on mips without running the majority of the tests.
r259493 - [compiler-rt] add_custom_libcxx should pass LLVM_PATH and a C++ compiler
r259542 - Re-commit r259512: [tsan] Add a libc++ and lit testsuite for each ${TSAN_SUPPORTED_ARCH}.
r259577 - [tsan] Disable x86_64h build that was enabled as part of r259542.
r259593 - [TSan] Use darwin_filter_host_arch to restrict set of test arch on Mac OS.

Hopefully http://reviews.llvm.org/D16613 will be committed soon which will just leave the sanitizer regressions. It looks like I've started to receive patches for the sanitizer regressions but I haven't gone through them yet.

Daniel Sanders
Leading Software Design Engineer, MIPS Processor IP
Imagination Technologies Limited

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