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What fixes are being proposed for 3.8.1 versus 3.8?

I carefully tracked 3.7 to 3.7.1 one changes, but 3.8 came so close on its heels that it turned out I shipped 3.8 to my customers and not the 3.7.1 patch.

Is it actually worth the effort?  If it has important fixes my vote would be "yes", but I'd really like to know in advance what the vx.y.N offers over the vx.y.(N-1) in terms of stability, fixes, correctness, etc., and this information seems to be unavailable.


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It's about time to start thinking about the 3.8.1 release.  Here is a proposed release schedule:

May 25 - Deadline to request a change be merged to the 3.8 branch.
June 1 - Deadline to merge changes to the 3.8 branch.
June 1 - 3.8.1-rc1
June 8 - 3.8.1-rc2 (if necessary)
June 15 - 3.8.1 Release

If you want a patch included in the 3.8.1 release, send an email to llvm-commits with the subject: "3.8 Merge Request: r123456".
Make sure to cc me and the code owner.  Once you get approval from the code owner and me, then you can merge the patch to the 3.8 branch.
If you don't have commit access or are unable to commit the patch, let me know.

For the 3.7.1 release, I encouraged people to make stable patch requests using phabricator's audit tool.  This did not work out as well as I had hoped, so I would prefer if people made requests via email.  However, I will still accept merge requests via audit.

As always, we need release testers.  If you are interested, send me an email with the platform you can test and also subscribe to the release-testers mailing list:

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