[Openmp-dev] Release 12.0.1-rc2 tagged + extended deadline for requesting backports

Tom Stellard via Openmp-dev openmp-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jun 16 23:53:28 PDT 2021


I've tagged the 12.0.1-rc2 release, so testers may begin testing and uploading

There are still a few fixes working their way through the process, so there
will be another release candidate.  If you submitted a backport request
before last Friday's deadline then it should make it in to the final release
unless a reviewer rejects it or there is a problem discovered with the fix.
My plan is to do -rc3 once all these fixes are merged.

I am also going to continue accepting new backport requests up until
-rc3 is tagged (goal for -rc3 is next Tuesday).  However, I will not be
delaying -rc3 for any fixes submitted after Friday unless they are critical.

If you still have fixes and want to increase the chances of getting them into
the release, please make sure the fix applies cleanly to the release/12.x
and passes all the lit tests.  If it doesn't then please manually backport
it, fix all the issues and post a patch or git branch in bugzilla.  It is also
helpful if you cc either the patch author, patch reviewer, or code owner for
the fix and ask their opinion on backporting it.


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