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Thu Nov 12 07:42:36 PST 2020

Hi, everyone,

A quick note: The LLVM in HPC workshop at SC20 is happening now. If 
you're interested in joining the online event, you need to register for 
the SC20 workshops (https://sc20.supercomputing.org/attend/register/) 
which costs $50 ($20 for students), and that provides access to all SC20 
workshops (live streams, videos, etc.). See the SC20 page for more 


Time (EST) 	Speaker 	Title
10:00 	Hal Finkel 	Welcome
10:05 	Mehdi Amini 	Keynote: MLIR: an Agile Infrastructure for Building 
a Compiler Ecosystem
11:15 	Coffee 	Break
11:30 	Rahim Mammadli 	Static Neural Compiler Optimization via Deep 
Reinforcement Learning
12:10 	Michael Kruse 	Autotuning Search Space for Loop Transformations
12:50 	Dibyendu Das 	Deep Learning-based Approximate Graph-Coloring 
Algorithm for Register Allocation
1:30 	Lunch 	Break
2:30 	Alok Mishra 	Extending the LLVM/Clang Framework for OpenMP 
Metadirective Support
3:10 	Andrew Lamzed-Short 	Towards Automated Kernel Fusion for the 
Optimisation of Scientific Applications
3:50 	Alexis Engelke 	Robust Practical Binary Optimization at Run-time 
using LLVM
4:30 	Coffee 	Break
4:45 	Hal Finkel 	Really Embedding Domain-Specific Languages into C++
5:25 	/All Presenters/ 	Panel Discussion
6:25 	Final 	Discussion
6:30 	The 	End


On 9/8/20 12:54 PM, Hal Finkel wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> The paper submission deadline for this year's LLVM in HPC workshop has 
> been further extended to September 14th (AoE). We're looking for a few 
> additional submissions, so if you have anything that could be 
> submitted as a paper by the beginning of next week, please take 
> advantage of this opportunity. If you have any questions, please let 
> me know.
> SC20 is now a virtual event. Please see 
> https://llvm-hpc-2020-workshop.github.io/ for more information.
>  -Hal
> On 6/24/20 5:37 PM, Hal Finkel wrote:
>>                                 CALL FOR PAPERS
>> ================================================================================
>>                                  LLVM-HPC2020:
>>          The Sixth Workshop on the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure in HPC
>> https://llvm-hpc-2020-workshop.github.io/
>>                                  November 12th
>>                               In conjunction with
>>                      SC20: The International Conference for
>>                     High Performance Computing, Networking,
>>                              Storage, and Analysis
>> ================================================================================
>> The sixth annual LLVM in HPC Workshop, held in conjunction with SC20 and
>> in cooperation with TCHPC.
>> LLVM, winner of the 2012 ACM Software System Award, has become an
>> integral part of the software-development ecosystem for optimizing
>> compilers, dynamic-language execution engines, source-code analysis and
>> transformation tools, debuggers and linkers, and a whole host of
>> programming-language and toolchain-related components. Now heavily used
>> in both academia and industry, where it allows for rapid development of
>> production-quality tools, LLVM is increasingly used in work targeted at
>> high-performance computing. Research in, and implementation of, program
>> analysis, compilation, execution, and profiling has clearly benefited
>> from the availability of a high-quality, freely-available infrastructure
>> on which to build.
>> This sixth annual workshop will feature contributed papers and invited
>> talks focusing on recent developments, from both academia and industry,
>> that build on LLVM to advance the state of the art in high-performance
>> computing.
>> Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
>>   * Compiler design for highly-concurrent/parallel environments
>>   * Compilation techniques targeted at high-performance-computing codes
>>   * Programming-language implementation techniques enabling high
>>     performance and high productivity
>>   * Embedding compilation and dynamic execution at scale
>>   * Tools for optimization, profiling, and feedback
>>   * Source code transformation and analysis
>>   * Gap analyses of open-source LLVM-based tools
>> Lightning Talks: The workshop will hold a lightning-talk session. Please
>> contribute to making this session both vibrant and informative! An
>> abstract and one-page summary are required for consideration.
>> Deadlines:
>>   * Paper submissions due: Extended to: September 14, 2020 (AoE)
>>   * Notification to authors of acceptance: September 28, 2020
>>   * Camera-ready papers due: October 8, 2020
>>   * Workshop takes place: November 16, 2020
>> Please see the SC20 home page (http://sc20.supercomputing.org/) for
>> registration deadlines and other information associated with the parent
>> event.
>> Submissions:
>> Please submit papers using the SC20 submissions system
>> (https://submissions.supercomputing.org/) by selecting the "SC20
>> Workshop: LLVM-HPC2020 Full Papers" form. Papers must be in IEEE
>> conference format, should be no more than 12 pages (including references
>> and figures), and must be at least eight pages long.
>> To submit a lightning talk, please use the "SC20 Workshop: LLVM-HPC2020
>> Lightning Talks" form.
>> Direct links to the submission forms and other information are available
>> on the workshop web page.
>> Proceedings:
>> The proceedings will be archived in IEEE Xplore through TCHPC.
>> Lightning-talk summaries will not be included in the proceedings.
>> Organizers:
>> Hal Finkel, Argonne National Laboratory, hfinkel at anl.gov
>> Alexis Perry-Holby, Los Alamos National Laboratory, aperry at lanl.gov
>> James Brodman, Intel Corporation, james.brodman at intel.com
>> John Leidel, Tactical Computing Laboratories, jleidel at tactcomplabs.com
>> Program Committee:
>> Richard Barton, ARM
>> Sunita Chandrasekaran, University of Delaware
>> Camille Coti, University of Paris XIII / University of Oregon
>> Christian Delozier, U.S. Naval Academy
>> Tobias Grosser, ETH Zürich
>> Jeff Hammond, Intel
>> Torsten Hoefler, ETH Zürich
>> Teresa Johnson, Google
>> Alice Koniges, University of Hawaii
>> Cameron McInally, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
>> Pat McCormick, Los Alamos National Laboratory
>> EJ Park, Los Alamos National Laboratory
>> Nadav Rotem, Facebook
>> Frank Winter, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
>> Michael Wong, Codeplay
>> -- Hal Finkel Lead, Compiler Technology and Programming Languages 
>> Leadership Computing Facility Argonne National Laboratory
> -- 
> Hal Finkel
> Lead, Compiler Technology and Programming Languages
> Leadership Computing Facility
> Argonne National Laboratory
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