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Nothing for roll up, and a short week since Monday was a UK public holiday.


*         UK OpenMP Users' Conference bookings have picked up (we're at 13 which is similar to the state at the same point pre-event as last year). As a result the event will happen, so I have booked flights and a hotel.

*         Participants in the ISC OpenMP BoF are nearly finalised, and have been submitted to the ISC site. (The one outstanding issue is that James Beyer of NVidia is still trying to get travel permission. If he doesn't we will substitute CJ Newburn; it is useful to have an NVidia person there to field any "What about OpenACC?" questions; they are really off topic for an OpenMP BoF, but will likely arise, and it'll be interesting to hear what they have to say).

*         Participants in the ISC Intel Booth OpenMP panel are finalised (Michael Klemm, Bronis de Supinski, Barbara Chapman, Simon McIntosh-Smith and Martin Schulz). All of the image-rights disclaimers are in apart from Martin's which I expect next week.

Architecture Influencing/Inreach

*         With Terry, continuing meetings on SMT4 enabling and hybrid. It looks as if hybrid will be coming after a meeting in which AMX/Tmul was successfully sold to Raja.

*         Normal RAO and ON[CM] discussions.

*         Alexei Katranov is making good progress adding OpenMP statistics collection style timers/counters to TBB to demonstrate the potential impact of maintaining a  "Who is worth stealing from?" bitmap and understanding whether RAO can make that cheap enough to be useful.


*         Suggested one improvement to the stats histogram code (a "greater than the biggest" bin) which Johnny has implemented. (He was touching this code to remove some type-conversion warnings anyway).


*         Patent committee

-- Jim

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