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Hi everyone, 

Our LLVM in HPC workshop this year was a great success, and our social afterward was quite nice too. Thanks again to everyone who participated! 

I've received slides from most of the workshop presenters, and I've posted them on the workshop website: http://llvm-hpc2-workshop.github.io/ (links are part of the Agenda). 


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> Hi, everyone!
> I'd like to specifically remind all of you in the Austin, TX area
> that this year's LLVM in HPC workshop, held in conjunction with
> SC'15, and in cooperation with SIGHPC, will take place on Sunday,
> November 15th: 9 - 5:30 at the Hilton across from the convention
> center. We have a really nice selection of talks this year on a wide
> variety of HPC-relevant LLVM-related topics. You'll find year's
> agenda is below.

> For more information, please visit
> http://llvm-hpc2-workshop.github.io/
> If you're interested in attending, and I hope that you are, you'll
> need to register for the SC'15 workshops - which will cost you $200
> ($100 for students), please see
> http://sc15.supercomputing.org/register for more information. On the
> bright side, that fee covers all 22 full-day and 20 half-day
> workshops held over three days (
> http://sc15.supercomputing.org/program/workshops ).

> I'll also use this opportunity to again thank the members of our
> community who served on the program committee and helped to review
> the submitted papers. We had twelve submissions this year, of which
> we accepted seven.

> Agenda:

> Keynote – Michael Wong
> Session 1: Optimization and Validation of Communications and
> Resiliency
> LLVM-based Communication Optimizations for PGAS Programs - Akihiro
> Hayashi, Jisheng Zhao, Michael Ferguson, and Vivek Sarkar
> LLVM Parallel Intermediate Representation: Design and Evaluation
> using OpenSHMEM Communications - Dounia Khaldi, Pierre Jouvelot,
> Francois Irigoin, Corinne Ancourt, and Barbara Chapman
> MPI-Checker - Static Analysis for MPI - Alexander Droste, Michael
> Kuhn, and Thomas Ludwig
> FITL: Extending LLVM for the Translation of Fault-Injection
> Directives - Joel Denny, Seyong Lee, and Jeffrey Vetter
> Session 2: Bringing OpenMP to LLVM
> Invited Talk – Moving Forward with OpenMP Implementation in Clang and
> LLVM - Xinmin Tian
> Integrating GPU Support for OpenMP Offloading Directives into Clang -
> Carlo Bertolli, Samuel Antao, Gheorghe-Theodor Bercea, Arpith Jacob,
> Alexandre Eichenberger, Tong Chen, Zehra Sura, Hyojin Sung, Georgios
> Rokos, David Appelhans, and Kevin O'Brien
> Session 3: Optimization and Analysis of Numeric Kernels
> Invited Talk – Assumption Tracking for Optimistic Optimizations -
> Johannes Doerfert
> SKA - Static Kernel Analysis using LLVM IR - Kartik Ramkrishnan, Ben
> Bergen, and Justin Tripp
> Session 4: Attaining High Performance Through Just-in-Time
> Compilation
> Invited Talk – Leveraging the LLVM JIT Compiler in Lattice QCD
> Simulation - Frank Winter
> Numba: A LLVM-based Python JIT Compiler - Siu Kwan Lam, Antoine
> Pitrou, and Stanley Seibert Thanks again,
> Hal

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