[Openmp-commits] [libc] [openmp] [libc][WIP] Initial support for exhaustive math tests on the GPU (PR #73720)

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Tue Nov 28 16:07:31 PST 2023

github-actions[bot] wrote:

<!--LLVM CODE FORMAT COMMENT: {clang-format}-->

:warning: C/C++ code formatter, clang-format found issues in your code. :warning:

You can test this locally with the following command:

git-clang-format --diff 97e16da450e94c92456fa5a74768ec1b22fe6b63 c56756fbae734df1f742ed503e3c519cc19e53fc -- libc/test/src/math/gpu/Test.cpp


View the diff from clang-format here.

diff --git a/libc/test/src/math/gpu/Test.cpp b/libc/test/src/math/gpu/Test.cpp
index 3008840f74..507e46bc14 100644
--- a/libc/test/src/math/gpu/Test.cpp
+++ b/libc/test/src/math/gpu/Test.cpp
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 #include "src/math/truncf.h"
-#include <mpfr.h>
 #include <iostream>
+#include <mpfr.h>
 int main() {
   mpfr_t x;




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