[Openmp-commits] [clang] [openmp] [Clang][OpenMP] Fix ordering of processing of map clauses when mapping a struct. (PR #72410)

Alexey Bataev via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Nov 21 06:55:37 PST 2023

@@ -7731,10 +7731,30 @@ class MappableExprsHandler {
               IsImplicit, Mapper, VarRef, ForDeviceAddr);
+    // Sort all map clauses and make sure all the maps containing array
+    // sections are processed last.
+    llvm::SmallVector<const OMPMapClause *, 16> SortedMapClauses;
alexey-bataev wrote:

This sorting approach is not very good, it adds lots of the code which is not required. It was supposed that this function automatically adjusts the boundaries of the structs/classes, so sorting is not required.


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