[Openmp-commits] [mlir] [flang] [openmp] [Flang][OpenMP] Remove use of non reference values from MapInfoOp (PR #72444)

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Thu Nov 16 07:31:18 PST 2023

@@ -14,14 +14,14 @@ program main
     integer :: i = 1
     integer :: j = 11
-  !$omp target map(tofrom:x, i, j)
-     do while (i <= j)
+  !$omp target
+     do i = 1, j
         x(i) = i;
         i = i + 1
agozillon wrote:

I'm not sure if this will compile at the moment because of the `i = i +1`, I think it will complain about a redefine I might be incorrect though! And I am not sure the check value would be the same with the line either. I could be wrong however!

I'd suggest just changing it to something like the below and drop the external integers (the `i` will likely get implicitly captured without implicit none in any case):

  !$omp target
     do i = 1, 10
        x(i) = i;
    end do
  !$omp end target


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