[Openmp-commits] [mlir] [flang] [openmp] [Flang][OpenMP] Initial mapping of Fortran pointers and allocatables for target devices (PR #71766)

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Fri Nov 10 18:25:04 PST 2023

agozillon wrote:

Updated the PR with the following changes to try and address your feedback @kiranchandramohan: 

- change BoolAttr to UnitAttr
- remove unrequired getLLVMIRType function
- remove OpenMP semantic addition for getting access to struct
- Move FirOpConversion for MapInfoOp into a seperate file and try pass method
- modify tests based on changes

I will aim to update the PR with some further information on the changes (and my perceived reasons behind them, there may be alternatives and I would love to hear the suggestions, I am not married to this solution, I'm happy to try alternatives to reach a resolution to this PR) in this PR on Monday as requested (a bit late in the day for me here), and then I'll ping the PR after it's done so further discussion can be had! 

I will also open the RFC on Monday or Teusday if we have a desire to open one immediately. 


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