[Openmp-commits] [openmp] [OpenMP][libomptarget] Enable parallel copies via multiple SDMA engines (PR #71801)

Jan Patrick Lehr via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Nov 10 14:28:45 PST 2023

@@ -130,6 +130,38 @@ Error iterateAgentMemoryPools(hsa_agent_t Agent, CallbackTy Cb) {
                        "Error in hsa_amd_agent_iterate_memory_pools: %s");
+/// Dispatches an asynchronous memory copy
+/// Enables different SDMA engines for the dispatch in a round-robin fashion.
+Error asyncMemCopy(bool UseMultipleSdmaEngines, void *Dst, hsa_agent_t DstAgent,
+                   const void *Src, hsa_agent_t SrcAgent, size_t Size,
+                   uint32_t NumDepSignals, const hsa_signal_t *DepSignals,
+                   hsa_signal_t CompletionSignal) {
+  if (UseMultipleSdmaEngines) {
+    hsa_status_t S =
+        hsa_amd_memory_async_copy(Dst, DstAgent, Src, SrcAgent, Size,
+                                  NumDepSignals, DepSignals, CompletionSignal);
+    return Plugin::check(S, "Error in hsa_amd_memory_async_copy");
+  }
+// This solution is probably not the best
+#if !(HSA_AMD_INTERFACE_VERSION_MAJOR >= 1 &&                                  \
+  return Plugin::error("Async copy on selected SDMA requires ROCm 5.7");
+  static int SdmaEngine = 1;
jplehr wrote:

So, I looked into it and we do have one code path that is not under a lock. I made this an atomic and do RMW.

With this solution we could still run into a scenario where two threads read the same value and dispatch to the same SDMA engine. While not desirable, it's not a correctness issue, and I think the probability is quite low.


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