[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D144426: [OpenMP] Update the bug report link for `libomp` assertion failures

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Mon Feb 20 12:33:05 PST 2023

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Currently we still print the old https://bugs.llvm.org/ bugzilla link.
We should update this to the issues pane for the LLVM github.

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: openmp/runtime/src/i18n/en_US.txt
--- openmp/runtime/src/i18n/en_US.txt
+++ openmp/runtime/src/i18n/en_US.txt
@@ -492,7 +492,7 @@
                              "compiler and operating system versions. Faster response will be "
                              "obtained by including all program sources. For information on "
                              "submitting this issue, please see "
-                             "https://bugs.llvm.org/."
+                             "https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/issues/."
 OBSOLETE                     "Check NLSPATH environment variable, its value is \"%1$s\"."
 ChangeStackLimit             "Please try changing the shell stack limit or adjusting the "
                              "OMP_STACKSIZE environment variable."

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