[Openmp-commits] [openmp] [OpenMP][AArch64] Workaround for ompt/synchronization tests (PR #75848)

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Mon Dec 18 22:51:29 PST 2023

jprotze wrote:

The OMPT tests test the codeptr address for plausibility. The main goal is to test that the codeptr does not point to a completely other part of the code (e.g. a frame nested in the runtime call).
Adding another value to the `print_possible_return_addresses` function means that the test will accept an additional value for codeptr. This will not break tests but potentially unbreak tests. We don't care too much about the precise value at this point.

For a precise testing, we would need to involve debug information and check whether we can successfully map back the codeptr address to the source code line. At the same time, this approach would allow to test the quality of debug information generated by the compiler.
The main reason for not implementing such testing yet is that it seemed cumbersome to set up a portable workflow considering different `addr2line` tools, supported dwarf versions by the installed tools, _locales_ settings ... .


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