[Openmp-commits] [openmp] [OpenMP] Reorganize the initialization of `PluginAdaptorTy` (PR #74397)

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Tue Dec 12 18:22:26 PST 2023

dhruvachak wrote:

After this reorganization, all available devices are getting initialized eagerly through  PluginAdaptorTy::initDevices. Before this patch, the device initialization would occur on demand through __tgt_target_kernel. While I don't know whether this leads to any measurable performance degradation, quite a bit of unnecessary work is being done now. For example, on an 8-GPU system, we are initializing all 8 devices now whereas previously we would initialize only 1 device (assuming that's all that was used by the program). Any reason why all devices are initialized eagerly?

Additionally, this could have implications for overheads incurred when OMPT-based tools are involved. According to the spec, the runtime shall invoke the device_initialize callback defined by the tool when a device is initialized. So after this patch, this callback will be invoked for all devices which in turn could do quite a bit of unnecessary metadata setup, etc.

I noticed another change because of this reorganization. A device is now getting initialized before main is called whereas previously it would be called from main through __tgt_target_kernel. This implies that the device initialization callback will now be called before main. While the spec does not say when this callback should be invoked, this change could cause problems for tools if static data structures were used by the tool. Perhaps this change is ok since the spec does not mandate any order. But again, is there a reason why this change was made?



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