[Openmp-commits] [compiler-rt] [libcxx] [libc] [flang] [llvm] [clang-tools-extra] [lldb] [mlir] [clang] [openmp] [clang-tidy] Add performance-move-smart-pointer-contents check. (PR #66139)

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Thu Dec 7 11:03:25 PST 2023

pizzud wrote:

I've been kind of leaving this in limbo while we sort out the shared_ptr one and I agree it probably makes more sense to make bugprone-unique-pointer-move as a parallel to shared-pointer in [PR #67467](https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/pull/67467) and consider performance-heavy-move separately, since there's runtime-vs-compile-time considerations there (eg sizeof(std::string) vs s.size()). Let's drop this and I'll open up new PRs with each additional check.


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